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Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme & Book, Goddess Infused Potions, and Counselling Sessions by Sujata Nandy – Get them all here.

Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme
Awakening The Divine Masculine Facilitator Certification Programme
Awakening The Divine Feminine Book
Angira – Goddess Infused Potions
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Commence your spiritual journey with the Awakening The Divine Feminine Book

Infused Oils

A rare chance to possess some Goddess infused sacred oils for your ascension


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Your Goddess Resources Centre

Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme and Book by Sujata Nandy are now available to you. If you are looking to commence your spiritual journey, or are already on one, or if you have a spiritual business, you will find all your Goddess resources right here. From Goddess knowledge and literature to Goddess rituals and energy oils, and the coveted 'Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification' Programme – we have what you need to find your purpose in life, and potentially a lucrative career in servitude to others. Our certification qualifies you to carry out our workshops at your own centre that shall help other seekers. In connection with the Source and divinely created by spiritual guru, author and mentor, Sujata Nandy, we have prepared a "Goddess Business Starter Kit" to get your business started immediately. As you sow, so you shall reap.

It is one of the most potent certifications in the Divine Feminine Path. Sujata is an amazing teacher, she is truly dedicated. I highly recommend her transmissions to every woman who would like to dive deeper into her divine journey.

Lydia Petetin
Deborah Henry Priya
Deborah Henry (Miss Universe Malaysia)

Sujata creates a calm and safe circle where we release and let go, and open our hearts to all that we desire.

Women over the world have over time lost their identity and rejected their feminity. There is so much discourse on what and who a woman should be instead of a woman ‘just being’. Awakening The Divine Feminine Workshop highlighted what we need to do is embrace our feminine grace, that a woman can be anything she wants to be. That we are each our own hero in our story – that little girl we once were lives on in our souls. Love unconditionally and our love is to be given freely and not kept caged. I loved the fusion of mantras, with music and our body movements. Sujata creates a calm and safe circle where we release and let go, and open our hearts to all that we desire.
Sri Durga Path by Sujata Nandy




The Sri Durga Path is NOT FOR SALE and is only available upon initiation into the practise of the Durga Path, creating an everlasting bond with the initiate and the Goddess – a journey of a lifetime of bliss and abundance.


The contents of this sacred book has been compiled over 25 years of Shakti work that had been embarked upon while experiencing close liaisons with the Great Goddess – this is truly a gift that paves the way for the aspiring sadhak (spiritual seeker), on the path of Goddess wisdom.


Packed with mantras and rituals to invoke, evoke and appease the tantric Goddess Durga, this book is atypical of any tantric book available in the world today. Complete with Karma Shanti Puja (removal of bad karma and sins), as well as the Navagraha Shanti Puja (prayer of peace and salutations to the 9 Planets), the rituals within the pages of this book have been carefully selected, so that it completes the seeker in every aspect of prayer and discipline.


It is believed that the very presence of this book banishes negative energies from the space She is in, as well as emanates powerful healing vibrations the more the book is activated by daily chants. It is atypical of any tantric book available in the market place nor is it typical of any ancient texts that you may have come across in the journey of your life, for it has been designed with you in mind, incorporating aspects of the modern landscape against the wisdom of the past: this then, becomes your personal tantric Devi ( Goddess), journal that offers you the avenue for you to see your progression in the growth of your own sacred work.


Jai Maa!




This book shall only be given to you at the Initiation Ceremony.


If you wish to be initiated and receive this precious guide book, kindly apply today.

Get Your Goddess Resources Delivered

Now it is easier to get hold of the unique products created by Sujata Nandy. Buy all your Goddess needs online and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme

Take yourself and others from wellness to wholeness through knowledge and truths you would gather from the best works in the realm of the Divine Feminine. Unlock your inner Goddess and aspire to be a Coach, a Nurturer, a Healer and help others manifest their true calling to be their highest, through your mastery. This is a 7-day transformational journey to becoming recognised as an ADF master – the grasp you need in igniting your Divine Feminine in supporting yourself and others to thrive. Read what our past graduates said about our life-changing courses.

This workshop expanded my consciousness, cleared blockages and removed self-imposed emotional limitations.

I felt self-love, self-confident and awakened that my truth resides within myself. The spiritual wisdom and deep inner cleansing received from this class is priceless. Sujata and team are able to connect and empathize with participants on a personal level. Looking forward to more future workshops. – Yinn

This class has given me greater inner strength, peace of mind, and most importantly the possibility of belief in my own divine feminine.

The facilitation of group participation creates a thought-provoking and supportive environment. This is helpful and would recommend to anyone. Left the session feeling grounded and set as a reminder of self-love. – Hsien Yinn

Awakening the Divine Feminine Book

Since its release, the Awakening the Divine Feminine book by Sujata Nandy has been the talk of the town. Simply read the many reviews on the book and you too will be hooked on it. This book is truly an amazing piece of divine work that every woman and man can benefit from.

And then, I found this gem... 'Awakening The Divine Feminine, A Journal To Unleashing Your Sacred Feminine Power by Sujata Nandy' and I was totally drawn to the book, as I knew this was what I have been waiting for, for the longest of time.

Over the years, I have been reading a wide variety of books from just about every spiritual master that was/is available in our world today! No doubt they all have so much wisdom to impart and there is still so much more for me to learn from many more masters out there. And then, I found this gem... Awakening the Divine Feminine, A Journal to Unleashing Your Sacred Feminine Power by Sujata Nandy and I was totally drawn to the book, as I knew this was what I have been waiting for, for the longest of time. Sujata Nandy, you have captured the human struggle so succinctly and have provided exercises and formats for us to do our own thinking and contemplation for our own inner work. I cannot thank you enough for this gift that I am so humbled and honoured to have. The world must have this book, to see peace and spiritual ascension. This is all the wisdom we need to live consciously and to bring deep meaning to our existence. Thank you Sujata for this new lease of life! – Penny Singh, Arizona, USA
Awakening The Divine Feminine by Sujata Nandy

Angira Goddess Infused Oils
Angira Sacred Oils are Goddess Infused Oils manifested by Sujata Nandy. These energy oils are essential for the sincere Goddess or spiritual seeker. Choose from a variety of Goddesses and purchase your oils online today.

Wisdom from the Master & Author

Wisdom & Teachings

Get into the mind of the Master. Read articles loaded with wisdom and inspiration for every Goddess.
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Akshya Tritiya - 26th April 2020

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Ammavashya 22nd - 23rd April 2020

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Vamana Dwadashi - 5th April 11.30pm

Vamana Dwadashi is the day when the earth gets maximum light from the Sun empowering…


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