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Sujata Nandy World Gurukul





It is a School for spiritual ascension for all spiritual seekers and Goddesses

25 Years Devotional Lineage

Founded upon years of ardent spiritual devotional practices and learning.


To help the lost, confused and all spiritual seekers achieve peace and harmony.

DIY Spiritual Tools

Spiritual Knowledge, practical techniques, and resources are available for self-practice towards spiritual ascension.

Be A Master

Courses available to master, and then become a master to others by teaching them what you have learned.


The Goddess' Gurukul

A School For Spiritual & Goddess Ascension

Sujata Nandy World Gurukul was created to help all spiritual seekers and Goddess worshipers ascend to their highest ideal. Founded upon years of strict devotional practices and spiritual knowledge has enabled it to create courses and workshops that prove positive results to the seeker.

Should you wish to find out more about our school and its programmes, please do get in touch with us today.

The Founder & Master


Sujata Nandy

Master, Founder & Author

With 25 years of thirsting for the wisdom of the Goddess, Sujata has been on a never-ending quest of researching, inquiring and seeking the knowledge of the divine feminine in every aspect of her life. Her desire to have a glimpse of Shakti took her to many temples, wise men and to various healers. The calling of the Goddess was so intense that she beckoned to paths that stirred the infinite ocean of wonder within her. Yet, everywhere she went, her quest was somewhat mystified, summoning her to find the answers from deep within. She yearned for gurus, shamans and masters in the field to give her a foretaste of the philosophy of Tantra, wherein lay the cardinal preamble of the merging with the Goddess.


As it appeared, the Divine Mother had other plans for her. A huge part of her life took a distinct turn with her own experiences with the Great Goddess Kali – her ultimate and sole Saviour! Widely misunderstood and misrepresented in the world till this date, the dark Goddess Kali, is truly the most loving, nurturing, powerful yet, merciful aspect of all divinity!


Sujata heard drums beating in the distance, saw divine statutes blinking and breathing, caught incessant chatters in the winds provoking her Soul to set foot on areas that labelled her as “dabbling in the occult sciences.” She lived afraid to declare these happenings as it would only authenticate the bizarre speculation that others had on her. For a large part of her life, she lived misunderstood and alone. Yet, Sujata knew that with Maa Kali’s grace, this too was part of the journey towards realisation.


It started at 13

From age 13, her personal journey with Maa Kali had brought her to the many spectrums of life, unlike the numerous on this human plane. She had encountered phenomenal and magical experiences that defied logical thinking, in which she humbly surrendered. In that submission, the Great Goddess led her to the gateways of the divinity within her, opening passageways which led to her Soul connection with the Divine Feminine. Sujata took many rebirths in this lifetime, coming to terms with Maa Kali’s will, which had brought her to answering the imperative need of the feminine ascension in a world, where the Feminine aspect of life had become latent.


Like a child witnessing the wonder of the stars in the galaxies, Sujata was bewildered by the gargantuan spread of possibilities and eventualities that shaped her life and the lives of the many people who sought Maa Kali’s love. Alpha and omega, the creator and the creation, the time and the timeless, the Great Goddess Kali, the Tantric Goddess and Teacher in Sujata’s life, gave her all the wisdom and know-how that she had implemented in the last 18 years of healing that she had embarked on, in her humble existence. Everything that Sujata has learnt, was learnt directly from the Great Mother and she has come to understanding that, nothing happens without HER will.


Goddess tradition

Sujata has conducted numerous workshops on Goddess tradition, Tantra, Shamanism, Ayurveda and the Divine Feminine, Chakra and Kundalini awakening, as well as has offered blue-light healing for the ailing and continues to offer private sessions with deliverance of the wisdom of the Akashic Records to anyone seeking her to find their higher calling.


A healer, writer, founder, editor & lawyer

The Founder and Editor of the only Asian yoga magazine in the world, Sujata holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the UK and is also the Founder and the Channel for the Sacred Goddess Oils in the Angira range. Author of the sacred Feminine Book, Awakening the Divine Feminine – A Journal to Unleashing Your Sacred Feminine Power, Sujata declares that this Book is part of a trilogy waiting to be born. She now has curated a Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification, (first of its kind), course to transfer wisdom and information on the Goddess traditions of the world, to bring harmony, healing and peace to anyone on the path of their spiritual ascension.


Lydia Petetin

Participant & Spiritual Healer

It is one of the most potent Certifications in the Divine Feminine Path. Sujata is an amazing teacher, she is truly dedicated. I highly recommend her transmissions to every woman who would like to dive deeper into her divine journey.



This workshop expanded my consciousness cleared blockages and removed self-imposed emotional limitations. I felt self-love, self-confident and awakened that my truth resides within myself. The spiritual wisdom and deep inner cleansing received from this class is priceless. Sujata and team are able to connect and empathize with participants on a personal level. Looking forward to more future workshops.

Deborah Henry Priya

Deborah Henry

Participant & Miss Universe Malaysia

‘Awakening The Divine Feminine Workshop’ highlighted what we need to do is embrace our feminine grace, that a woman can be anything she wants to be. Women over the world have over time lost their identity and rejected their feminity. There is so much discourse on what and who a woman should be instead of a woman ‘just being’. Awakening The Divine Feminine Workshop highlighted What we need to do is embrace our feminine grace, that a woman can be anything she wants to be. That we are each our own hero in our story – that little girl we once were lives on in our souls. Love unconditionally and our love is to be given freely and not kept caged. I loved the fusion of mantras, with music and our body movements. Sujata creates a calm and safe circle where we release and let go, and open our hearts to all that we desire.

Penny Singh, Arizona, USA


Over the years, I have been reading a wide variety of books from just about every spiritual master that was/is available in our world today! No doubt they all have so much wisdom to impart and there is still so much more for me to learn from many more masters out there. And then, I found this gem… Awakening the Divine Feminine, A Journal to Unleashing Your Sacred Feminine Power by Sujata Nandy and I was totally drawn to the book, as I knew this was what I have been waiting for, for the longest of time. Sujata Nandy, you have captured the human struggle so succinctly and have provided exercises and formats for us to do our own thinking and contemplation for our own inner work. I cannot thank you enough for this gift that I am so humbled and honoured to have. The world must have this book, to see peace and spiritual ascension. This is all the wisdom we need to live consciously and to bring deep meaning to our existence. Thank you Sujata for this new lease of life!