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Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme

Awakening the Divine Feminine Certification Course


A course that can change the course of your life





This 7-day Certification programme will deal with aspects of the Goddess and understanding the Self against the backdrop of how our planet works and how to blend Goddess Tradition wisdom to healing, curing and balancing all that is out of harmony in ourselves as well as, in others.


Throughout the 7 days, you will unlearn everything that you have learnt and on a new slate, look into the mythology, history, and wisdom of the goddesses of our sacred planet namely, (1) KALI (2) DURGA, (3) HECATE, (4) ISIS, (5) SEKHMET, (6) KAMAKHYA, (7) QUAN YIN, (8) TARA, and (9) MOTHER MARY – the Goddess of every tradition in the planet. You will also study the rituals and practices that heal, cure, transform, birth and transcend you from a Temple Guardian to a High Priestess to a Goddess for your own ascension. You will discover how the fields of consciousness connected with these goddesses operate on a material level and explore how an understanding of Their different magnitudes (historical, metaphysical, spiritual and mythical), delivers a deeper and more nuanced understanding of our roles in life and our place in existence.


Each day begins with the invocation of the reigning Goddess of the day, meditation, visualization and specific Goddess rituals to harness the wisdom of the Goddess. Presentations with teachings on the potentials, qualities, mythology, history and culture of these Goddesses will be shared, with time allocated for internal contemplation, journaling, questions and group discussions.


At the end of the 7-day Certification programme, you will be a Certified Divine Feminine Facilitator, to facilitate your own healing and Goddess circles, to aid yourself and others to transform, manifest and rebirth yourselves through empowering Goddess healing techniques and modalities that transform lives at many levels.


You will also be part of our Goddess Facilitator circle and receive ongoing support and guidance and become a Goddess Member (at a small fee), availing you discounted Goddess products and content for your own business development and progress.



At the end of this course you will have:

  1. Realized the need to start or deepen the journey into yourself and learn how to balance our feminine and masculine energies.
  2. Understood the need to live your full potential and uncover your true calling and allow your light to shine fully.
  3. Learn to love unconditionally and be of selfless service to the world.
  4. Be able to facilitate ADF workshops & women circles.



  • To be able to make a difference in other people’s lives using techniques and methodologies learned.
  • To be able to host retreats/seminars/ red tent events with know-how on the Divine Feminine.
  • To be able to venture into private training of your own.
  • To establish a financial gateway in a fast-growing industry pertaining to women empowerment & ecological transformation.



What you will learn:

  • Reflections of the Self
  • Letting Go the Cords of Destruction
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • In the Realm of the Goddess
  • Sacred Rituals of the Goddess
  • Coming Face to Face with Your Inner Guru



Time: 10am – 6pm Daily

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Venue: To be announced



Early-Bird Offer – RM2,979 nett*

Normal Price – RM6,210 nett

(Limited to 30 delegates ONLY)


Wait no longer, REGISTER NOW!



Register & Pay Online Today:

To book your course immediately, you may add this product Awakening The Divine Feminine Course to Cart, and complete the payment procedure online. This shall be treated as an acceptance of your application to join the course. All major credit and debit cards accepted.

Note: Book also sold separately

Who is this course for

This course is suitable for anyone seeking to find the meaning of life and ascension on the spiritual path. It is also suitable for beginners.

•  Anyone who is at a stage of self-realisation and Goddess ascension

•  Size of Group: 9 – 30 Participants

•  Certification: Certificates Awarded

•  Course Duration: 7 Days | 8 Hours Per Day | 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

•  Level: Beginner to Advance

•  Next Programme: 31st July to 6th August 2020
Actual workshop photos
Awakening The Divine Feminine Certification Course by Sujata Nandy

Awakening The Divine Feminine Certification Course


You will learn

Course Content:


This Course is specially developed by Sujata Nandy and is significantly different from the many courses out there. As such, for the full Course Content and Course Agenda, kindly email us now. Thank you.

Awakening The Divine Feminine Book Included

The Course fee includes Sujata Nandy’s ‘Awakening The Divine Feminine’ Book worth RM279.00. You do not need to purchase the book separately if you have registered to join the course. Books will be given at the commencement of course.
Book Specifications:

•  390 Pages     •  Weight: 2.2 Kgs.     •  Size: Coffee Table Book

•  Colour: Full Colour Throughout     •  Material: Thick Artpaper Pages & Covers

•  Binding: Saddle Stitch Perfect Binding     •  Top Quality Product    

Awakening the Divine Feminine Book Sujata Nandy


The first step is to enroll in the ‘Awakening the Divine Feminine Facilitator’s Course’ and become a Certified Master


Access and business support are available to you via email or phone with the Master


The ‘Awakening The Divine Feminine’ Book is packed with in-depth spiritual wisdom & procedures


Generate a stable income by running our popular courses while helping people


From sacred essential oils to herbs – we have what’s needed to get started with your own Goddess Circle Workshops


Once you have learned, you can help heal many people around you and become a true master


It is one of the most potent Certifications in the Divine Feminine Path

It is one of the most potent Certifications in the Divine Feminine Path. Sujata is an amazing teacher, she is truly dedicated. I highly recommend her transmissions to every woman who would like to dive deeper into her divine journey. - Lydia Petetin


This workshop expanded my consciousness..

This workshop expanded my consciousness cleared blockages and removed self-imposed emotional limitations. I felt self-love, self-confident and awakened that my truth resides within myself. The spiritual wisdom and deep inner cleansing received from this class is priceless. Sujata and team are able to connect and empathize with participants on a personal level. Looking forward to more future workshops. – Yinn



Are your courses suitable for beginners?

Yes. All our courses are suitable for beginners to advance levels.

What age groups do you accept?

We are never too young nor too old to learn a new skill. So we accept a wide range of age groups including retirees and pensioners.

Do I need any pre-qualifications to join your courses?

No. But a certain level of comprehension of some profound life concepts is expected.

Any discounts for seniors and juniors?

Yes. Please email us. Thank you.

Is your certificate good for professional use?

Yes, it is. When you possess our Facilitator’s Certificates you are able to start your own centre to offer our workshops.

What's the duration of your courses?

They vary, so please check course details individually.

How can I pay the fees?

You may pay by cheque, credit/debit card (online), cash or bank transfer. With thanks.

How about parking facilities?

Most of the venues we hold our workshops have convenient parking spaces.