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Angira Sacred Essential Oils – Lakshmi

Angira Sacred Essential Oils – Lakshmi

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Angira Sacred Essential Oils by Sujata Nandy

Divine Feminine Series

Essential Oils



Wealth & Prosperity



Myrrh, Bergamont, Rose Geranium,  Sandalwood, Clove & Rose flower petals.



Clears abundance blockages & provides drive, resilience & determination to attract & to harness wealth & prosperity.



To be used on the Solar Plexus Chakra for best results.



0.34OZ (10ml)



Keep away from eyes, mucous membranes and direct sunlight. Avoid during pregnancy.


PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Alchemically channeled by Sujata Nandy


Our list of Angira Sacred Essential Oils includes:

  1. Isis
  2. Lakshmi
  3. Mother Mary
  4. Kali 


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Named after one of the seven great sages or ‘saptarishis,’ Angira, pronounced as, ‘aung – ghi – ra,’ is also the gotra (lineage), of a Hindu clan.


The Rigveda describes Angira as a teacher of divine knowledge and a mediator between men and gods – making the Sacred Potions a medium of connection between the Self and the divine.


Ranging from Sacred Oils to Sacred Herbs, every unique potion has been alchemically channelled by Sujata Nandy to offer healing, transformation and connection to the divine Goddess – this is first of its kind in the world today.


Curated for the sole purpose of having the Goddess awaken within us, these Sacred Potions act as mediums that aid in transporting us into realms of bliss and temples of divinity.


Our list of Angira Sacred Potions includes:

Angira Sacred Oils = Goddess Energy Oils + Goddess Essential Oils

Angira Sacred Salts = Protection Salts + Healing Bath Salts

Angira Sacred Herbs = Yoni Steaming Herbs + Body Healing Herbs


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1 review for Angira Sacred Essential Oils – Lakshmi

  1. Karishma Gill

    Sujata Nandy, I am thankful for your GIFT in creating these oils.

    So, you know I am a Channel and give Readings from the Higher Realms.

    Well here’s what happened with the ‘Goddess Green Tara’ oil within 3 days…

    – My energy cleared for clearer communication with the Higher Realms
    – I am taking back control of my energy
    – I know exactly where and when low vibes hit me and I can lift my frequency better
    – Connection to the Goddess Masters are clearer

    The ‘Goddess Lakshmi’ Oil

    – Within 12 hours, I received abundant opportunities to share my sacred biz
    – Crazy ideas (that work!) to grow my SACRED biz and collaborate
    – Feeling higher vibrational
    – Mental and emotional well being is balanced
    – Connection with Goddesses who are literally leading the way for Me, holding me in my arms and taking care of me
    – Help on the way to support me and my sacred biz

    Vibration is everything.
    Alignment is everything.

    I’m more of myself now. Thank you Sujatha, hugging you tightly.

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