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Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme (7 Days Retreat)

Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme (7 Days Retreat)

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 7 Days Retreat

After the success of the inaugural launch, Sujata Nandy, author of the sacred book Awakening The Divine Feminine, once again brings you the “Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme”.


This is a 7-Day Transformational Journey to becoming recognised as a Certified Divine Feminine Goddess Instructor.



At the end of this course you will have:

  1. Realised the need to start or deepen the journey into yourself and learn how to balance our feminine and masculine energies.
  2. Understood the need to live your full potential and uncover your true calling and allow your light to shine fully.
  3. Learn to love unconditionally and be of selfless service to the world.
  4. Be able to facilitate ADF workshops & women circles.



  • To be able to make a difference in other people’s lives using techniques and methodologies learned.
  • To be able to host retreats/seminars/red tent events with know-how on the Divine Feminine.
  • To be able to venture into private training of your own.
  • To establish a financial gateway in a fast-growing industry pertaining to women empowerment & ecological transformation.



What you will learn:

  • Reflections of the Self
  • Letting Go the Cords of Destruction
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • In the Realm of the Goddess
  • Sacred Rituals of the Goddess
  • Coming Face to Face with Your Inner Guru



Normal Price – USD $1,050.00



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Note: Book is included in the programme.



Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme by Sujata Nandy (7 Days Retreat)


“Immaterial of whether we are male or female, we all have the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies within us. Known as the Ida and the Pingala in Yoga, the Yin and the Yang in Chinese philosophy, it is the innate energy within us that pulsates our dreams, desires and survival”.


This certification course on Awakening the Divine Feminine is a not-to-be-missed session, as it is an opportunity to experience the pioneering work of four decades’ dedication and commitment towards doing the work of the Divine Goddess.


In doing this work, our purpose has singularly been to serve, share and spread the truths and tools that will help us live more gracefully aligned to the untapped divine energy that is abundantly at our disposal.


This is a 7-Day Transformational Journey to becoming recognised as a “Certified Divine Feminine Goddess Instructor”. Unlock your inner Goddess and aspire to be a Coach, a Nurturer, a Healer and help others manifest their true calling to be their highest, through your mastery.


Take yourself and others from wellness to wholeness through knowledge and truths you would gather from the best works in the realm of the Divine Feminine.


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5 reviews for Awakening The Divine Feminine Facilitator Certification Programme (7 Days Retreat)

  1. Deborah Henry Priya

    Women over the world have over time lost their identity and rejected their femininity. There is so much discourse on what and who a woman should be instead of a woman ‘just being’. Awakening the divine femininity workshop highlighted What we need to do is embrace our feminine grace, that a woman can be anything she wants to be. That we are each our own hero in our story – that little girl we once were lives on in our souls. Love unconditionally and our love is to be given freely and not kept caged. I loved the fusion of mantras, with music and our body movements. Sujata creates a calm and safe circle where we release and let go, and open our hearts to all that we desire. – Deborah Henry Priya (Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and Miss Malaysia World 2007)

  2. Savita Saigal

    A true gem of a session led by Sujata Nandy in a beautiful deep red tent environment which invites you to dispense with negative emotions and indulge in a mystical inner-self journey supported with rhythm and dance of shakti to awaken the inner guardian and warrior. A perfect prelude to the launch of her book “Awakening The Divine Feminine.” Absolutely loved it, came out feeling energised. – Savita Saigal

  3. Yinn

    This workshop expanded my consciousness, cleared blockages and remove self-imposed emotional limitation. I felt self-love, self-confident and awakened that my truth resides within myself. The spiritual wisdom and deep inner cleansing received from this class is priceless. Sujata and team able to connect and empathize with participants on a personal level. Looking forward to more future workshops. – Yinn

  4. Hsien Yinn

    This class has given me greater inner strength, peace of mind and most importantly the possibility of belief in own divine feminine. The facilitation of group participation creates a thought-provoking and supportive environment. This is helpful and would recommend to anyone. Left the session feeling grounded and set as a reminder of self-love. – Hsien Yinn

  5. Lydia Petetin

    It is one of the most potent certification in the Divine Feminine Path. Sujata is an amazing teacher, she is truly dedicated. I highly recommend her Transmissions to every woman who would like to dive deeper into her divine Journey. – Lydia Petetin

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